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What is the Non-Shrinkable Grout

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It is made from cementitious powder mix that usually comes in bag of 25kg (55lb) and can be prepared to be like dry pack or fluid (soupy mix) just by mixing with some potable water (as per manufacture instructions) since by reducing the water, strength development and ultimate compressive strength values will be increased and once it hardened and cured, it does not shrink.

These kinds of grout can be used in: above/below grade and interior/exterior applications.

Approximately, the minimum application thickness is: 1” (25mm); And

                          the maximum application thickness is: 4” (100mm) to 6” (150mm).

(If thicker application is required, it can be asked and consulted with manufacture).

The most common applications:

(Note: the surface must be clean from anything that Grout will come in contact e.g. Oil,Grease,Ice,Snow and etc.)

  • Underpinning: To fill the gap between underside of existing footing and top of new poured footing.
  • Installing base plate of steel column.
  • Setting heavy industrial machine and equipment (e.g. Generator, Compressor and etc) bases.
  • Filling the hollow concrete block holes (when using the concrete is impossible).
  • For dowel/anchor bolt installations that require drilling hole(s), the hole diameter shall be 1” (25mm) greater than bar/bolt diameter (hole must be in saturated surface dry condition at the time of grouting).

After mixing the grout with water, it can be pumped or carried and moved to the forms by using clean buckets or clean wheelbarrows and must be poured right away without any delay (Grout that already prepared but not poured in place within one hour, shall be discarded).

Few hours after pouring, forms can be removed (depends on temperatures) and extra parts of poured grout (if any) can be trimmed and cleaned up.

  • Clean all the used tools immediately, since once they get dried and hardened, it can only be cleaned manually or with special cleaner.
  • Wash hands and skin with soap and hot water.
  • Material storage on site: Protect and cover from rain and snow.
  • For the best result: Temperature of dry condition of product shall be from 18 to 29 °C (65 to 84 °F) before the mixing and pouring. The lower temperature makes the cure duration longer (depends on manufacture product data sheet).


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