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Fortune Luxury Homes Warranty

The home Warranty is a kind of contract that concurred between new homeowner and professional custom builder with solid reputation and outstanding after-sales services; Therefore, this agreement will give a chance to new homeowner to view their home together with the builder to walk-through everything before the new homeowner take possession and also will be great opportunity to gain an understanding of how to use your home’s systems, such as: Smart Home Automation, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling).

During this walk-through, builder will demonstrate to how to take care of elements in your home to guarantee long-lasting performance; Since, this guarantee will provide a new homeowner with repair a replacement services which covers the repair and or substitution costs of structural and framing, all workmanships plus most of the items in your home.

Consider that “settling” is normal and common throughout your first year, in this case, will may result in minor cracks or screw pops.

If you have questions or require services during your Warranty, contact your builder and then you can follow up the process.