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Value of Custom Homes by Fortune Luxury Homes

A custom home is a gem and unique house that is designed and built for a distinct client in a specific location; This process involves cooperation between homeowner, construction project manager, architect, structural engineer, interior designer and other parties; This collaboration establishes after the homeowner demonstrate their wish list by bringing their dream home plan ideas which simply can start from a blank piece of paper, after drafting some drawing with different options by architect, a homeowner can choose their selected drawings from various options that provided by the architect, if the homeowner wants, they can ask for modifications and or changes.

This process also depends on which custom home project manager you reach with and what they offer a proposal as a custom home that meets your budget, needs and tastes. Therefore, it is important for you to know how many decisions and commitments you want to make since the idea of building a fully custom home can start out very dreamy. These goals can obtain from searching at different websites and catalogues, saving photos (e.g., kitchen cabinet, washroom vanity, wine cellar features and etc.) The fun part of outlining the custom home is that the prospects for making the final product which uniquely yours are unlimited.

Nevertheless, possible stress can also be never-ending and without some guidance and directions, everything from budget to schedule can become enormous quickly.

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Here we want to point out some of the important factors briefly:

1- Know what you need before start building:

For whatever you need, make a list a be sure to share them with the architect and your custom home project manager. If you are not sure that what you need or if you get confused, ask the architect and project manager to help you.

2- Location of your custom home:

Generally, owning your lot means you can build your dream custom home and stay in the present neighbourhood that you love; You can find an area with great access to schools, subway/bus stations, shopping malls and etc. Current homes are may build without your specific wishes in your mind. You may have found a great house but in the wrong location, so your well-experienced project manager can help you regarding this.

Fortune Luxury Custom Homes

3- Efficient Home:

Since existing older homes may need over-priced maintenances (e.g., new roof shingles, repairing the A/C and furnace, appliance parts and etc.), custom home are being constructed with more energy efficiency that means lower utility bills, spending time to do things that you enjoy not to waste your valuable time fixing something every weekend.

4- Build all over your budget:

When you purchase an existing house, you might pay for things that you do not need and want but when you make a custom home, you get to choose where you invest your dollars, since, in a custom home, you put a high-quality and energy-efficient home which can save your money.

5- Walk into your custom home and review the project:

During the construction of your custom home, walk through the job site and ask any question that you may have your project manager and architect, they will respond to ensure that you are feeling comfortable with the entire procedure.

Fortune Luxury Custom Homes

In a custom home, you can identify every characteristic of the design including the size of bedrooms and closets, view of swimming pool and…; Highly recommended to finalize these features with project manager, architect and interior designer.