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The Flare House

  • 4,400+2,400 ft2 (Basement)
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 9 Bathrooms
  • Fully Smart and Automated House.

We built the Flare to prove how a house can be so different that everyone can have a unique view. Just like the glow of light from the dark shadows, Just like a Flare.

When you live in a metropolis like Toronto, everything is huge and complex in the mind and feature. From the workplace to home, which is a place of rest and enjoyment of life. All of this means that a house located in Toronto, like this masterpiece we have built, will meet all the needs of your life. Adequate space, smarting all security gates and high-quality materials for better durability. When it is time to build your house, we will get help from the best designers, consultants and engineers in the city to deliver the highest quality to you. And this is the essence of our engineering behaviour. As much as we can and the standards allow us, we will build a house for you that you have never seen before. You will experience both environmental and green living design, and energy consumption efficiency. When you work with Fortune Luxury Homes, you will see all the technologies of the day in the heart of a classic and antique environment.

Some of the specifications we like to mention about The Flare style house:

  • Installed Crestron Home Automation System.
  • Insulated designed wine cellar/room with the adjustable cooling unit, stainless steel wine racks on Italian handmade tiles.
  • Huge designed landscape with lighting.
  • Elevator in the heart of the house.
  • Theatre Room under garage to complete our cinematography techniques in the construction industry.
  • Installed 22KW Generac Automatic home standby generator with Wi-Fi.

Copyright 2021. The asset of Fortune Luxury Homes Inc.

The Slant House

  • 3,600+1,800 ft2 (Basement)
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • Fully Smart and Automated House.

For many people, the meaning of the word “contemporary” is hard to pin down because it’s always evolving to fit a modern context. The same can be said for contemporary architecture. However, we’re here to show a face and a real feature of the modern house building in Canada.

Contemporary homes are popular because they’ve broken the mould when it comes to changing architectural styles. Traditionally, the dominant architectural style of the time will be the complete opposite of the one that came before it. For example, the simplicity of Craftsman homes is in direct opposition to the over-opulence of the Victorian era that came before it. And this is the art of Fortune Luxury Homes.

  • Renovation-Addition project: This means that we added another storey to the existing bungalow house.
  • Design & installed modern/open concept floating stairs with special and engineered structure.
  • Wooden Wine Cellar racks in Kitchen
  • Custom build Muti Kitchen cabinet.
  • Installed windows with aluminium frame finish for exterior and stainable wood frame finish for the interior.
  • Smart device installation, Control4 Home Automation System.

Copyright 2021. The asset of Fortune Luxury Homes Inc.

The Gem House

  • 3,800+1,900 ft2 (Basement)
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • Fully Smart and Automated House.

Perhaps one of the most difficult and complex projects we have done is the Gem project. A project that we are involved in three main and important factors, modern design, use of smart technologies and maintenance of the urban trend and fabric. This may not be my speciality, but the generation of people who can afford to build a new house has become younger, and their design needs and requirements have changed. We made a serious decision to be ready for this change and that is why we started the Gem project.

The stunning lighting outside, the beautiful combination of wood and natural stone inside, the open space on both sides of the building, all reproduced the conditions for us to create a real jewel in the heart of the city. We designed the interior to use a few short steps and eliminate the monotony of life.

In Fortune Luxury Homes, when we want to start a project, we first measure all the issues related to geographical location, customer budget, execution time, and then discuss it with designers, engineers and executives in the presence of the customer so that nothing is missed.

And finally, Fortune Luxury Homes finished the Gem project successfully with this specification:

    • Installed luxury Legrand switches and plugs.
    • Kitchen countertop combined with hidden lighting inside.
    • Installed natural Copper material on fireplace.
    • Smart Home System (Home Automation).
    • Installed fibreglass windows.

Copyright 2021.The asset of Fortune Luxury Homes Inc.

The Gables House

  • 4,400+ 2,400 ft2 (Basement)
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • Fully Smart and Automated Homes.

Many years ago, we decided to build unique houses, but it took a longer time for us to learn from our customers what a unique house means. In the Gable project, we learned all the lessons we needed to learn from the client, and from now on they would point fingers at our projects around the city.

Yes, we established the name and brand of Fortune Luxury Homes.

In this project, we were involved with all aspects of a complex building. From the automatic entrance of doors to the installation of modern technologies and finally a large and luxurious pool. More than 4400 square feet and working with very expensive imported materials, forced us to increase the accuracy of our work. We had inadvertently entered our operational university, while the steering wheel of the demands was in the hands of our talented customer. It was in this project that we learned how two-way collaboration with a savvy customer not only made our job easier but also opened our eyes and challenged our courage. The Gable project was a project that brought the boundaries of classical beauty and modernism so close together, so close that even the most discerning visitor remembered them with pleasure. And finally, we put all these good things together in one project with the optimal use of the best engineers and designers in Toronto.

After this project, we will say yes to all industrial and residential projects with comfort and strong self-confidence.

Some of the Gables project features are:

  • Unique Landscaping with natural stones.
  • Huge outdoor swimming pool.
  • Insulated wine room with adjustable cooling unit and cedar wine racks.

Copyright 2021.The asset of Fortune Luxury Homes Inc.