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Education & Training Department of Fortune Luxury Homes

Education and training are one of our main goal at Fortune Luxury Homes. We love to post free educational article and videos for you and our existing clients to show them how we actually work, and how important is to be updated every moment.


Fortune Luxury Homes Education


It is almost impossible to run an engineering company like us with a high reputation without a training department. This department not only will educate our clients and prospects, but also will improve the skills of our technician, workers and engineers.

The ETD (Educational & Training Department) is playing a very important role at the entire FLH company because we believe in knowledge, Science and engineering. This process and perspective are producing durability and trust in our projects.

For example, in the following paragraphs, the ETD manager tries to summarize the effectiveness of proper education in the building industry.

Usually, the construction managers must have at least a bachelor’s degree and acquire a knowledge of construction management skills through on-the-job training. Alongside high experience, there are more skills and expertise that every construction project manager should have, for example, Team Management, Deputation, Superintendence, Corporation, Communication, lining up the crews, timing and risk management.

This job needs well experiences in the construction field.

Besides the Education, construction management requires a lot of responsibility and hardworking since this job will be in charge from beginning to the end of the job and he/she shall be able to organize the construction site and plan the work, control and jurisdiction a budget, increase the coherence of communication process and claims, liabilities and dispute resolutions.      

We are trying hard to expand our ETD researches and post them here about whatever you need to know in the field of Building Engineering in the cold weather of Canada.