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We design and build luxury rooms in smallest spaces


Laneway Suites are recognized under Provincial legislation as a means of supporting intensification and increasing low-rise neighborhood-oriented rental stock.

It is a non-severable unit with all servicing (water, sewage, gas, electrical) connected via the principal residence or main street that remain under the same ownership as the main house, which is intended to use as rental housing, for family members, and for aging-in-place.


Laneway Suites have become an effective solution for transforming the unused space into a beautiful house creating a new source of income for the homeowners. This new addition to your existing property can add value and become a great source of investment in the long run.

Laneway suites are coming to Toronto with some already here. While this alone will not alleviate the burdens of housing in Toronto, they are a step in the right direction. In tandem with many other initiatives and changes that need to happen, these suites will give opportunities to renters and owners across the city.

Sustainable living is now in most of the cities any construction needs to respect to living greener. A laneway house is not just affordable but also let you have your own privacy.

A Laneway Suite can boost your property value, allow Aging-In-Place, create an extra income, makes laneways safer, more energy efficient, add density to accommodate regional growth, add affordable rental housing.

Call Fortune Luxury Homes if you have plan to make an affordable luxury Laneway.

Thanks to the City of Toronto