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Fortune Luxury Homes has an advanced method and tools for saving your money and optimize your budget in any project. It doesn’t matter how big or small is your construction or renovation job, we are using the best estimation for your project.


The estimate is a document which prepares rough and imprecise expenses for a prospective client of the project; It is one of the main and principal aspects of project management. Highly recommended that the preparation of this important document be started before the project begins and usually, they updated during the construction project.


Estimate includes terms and conditions to clarify details and will ensure that the client will not be surprised throughout the construction.


As a common Estimate terms and conditions, we can say that usually it will not be guaranteed and it will be based on client regarding project requirements.

Exact cost may change when all project item pricings get negotiated, completed and finalized. Usually, the Estimate is valid for 30 days.


According to the American Association of Cost Engineers, cost engineering is defined as that area of engineering practice when engineering judgement and experience are utilized in the application of scientific principles and techniques to the problem of cost estimation, cost control and profitability.


Mainly, Estimates are preparing based on the best endeavour and seek, unless a fixed fees quotation.