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Designers and Design style at Fortune Luxury Homes

At Fortune Luxury Homes, We believe in design, art and deep creativity. There are too many good builders out there in Ontario, but only a few of them are focusing on creative design and imaginative projects and match them to the reality of materials and market. Fortune Luxury Homes is one of them.

The verb to Design means the process of creating a Design.

When it comes to Styling, all would be about natural elements.

Once we think about Design Style and generating amazing user experiences, we generally think of these three items which are: Usability, Utility and Desirability.

Design Style that are traditional way to look at arts, have some key factors that are: Line, Color, Shape, Space, Texture and Typography which are combined together to produce desired visual appearance; These elements arranged around the central point. Generally, we can say that emphasis is the part of Design Style that captures the viewer’s attention. Sometimes, the designer create an area to stand out by contrasting it with other areas, this contrast could be in size, shape, texture and etc.  


The Fortune Luxury Homes designers all are certified by OAA, and we believe, we must have and use the best in town.

A person who prepare the forms, create and draft something before it is being made or built which is usually shows on detailed drawings; Or we can say anyone who creates substantial or intangible objects, graphics, details and etc. with his/her good experiences, called Designer.

Our designer is able to develop architectural solutions for the client. There are differences between architect and Designer; since architect is a licensed designer who prepares drawings and takes responsibilities to obtain a building permit; But both architect and Designer work alongside each other in the project.

We can mention that degrees and titles are probably can not tell their whole story; by definition, certification just indicates that an architect has some clutch of concept.

Ideally, find a designer and architect based on your choice of experience, taste, enthusiasm and obviously look for someone whose his/her past projects meet your requirements.