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Home Renovation & Remodeling

Fortune Luxury Homes Renovation

Fortune Luxury Home Renovation & Re-Modeling

Here we want to clarify the differences between Renovation and Re-Modeling which of them are the most common and frequent words using in construction, real estate and etc.

Recognize that the ins and outs of these are alike but not exactly the same projects, so you can plan the right upgrade and development for your dream home. The designation and expression of Renovation and Re-Modeling are often using vice-versa, but if you are intending to do some major home improvements, the best solution is to get the terminology right before start talking to any contractor; since both of these words will improve and enhance your living space but they are some remarkable contrasts between them.

To Renovate means to revive and bring back something to its previous shape by doing some jobs like repainting, refacing and replacing (e.g., repainting bedrooms, refacing the old kitchen cabinets, replacing light fixtures and etc.) without any concern for its original assembly and crucial qualifications that will change the purpose of the space; Renovations are involved alterations and customizing in existing finishing and will add value to a home; below are some examples of Renovation:

  • To upgrade the trims (casings, baseboards and…) and millworks like wall-units and study room shelves and etc.;
  • Replacing the Kitchen, Bar and washroom vanity countertops;
  • Changing the old carpets with new tiles or hardwoods;
  • Remove the rotted lumber (e.g., in the deck, walls or subfloors) and install new ones and etc.

To Re-Model is to change the functionality and design of the area that may involve removing walls and considering new layouts (e.g., to expand and upgrade the main floor powder room and study room, it may need to change the configuration of kitchen or other areas to accommodate.

If you are willing to do an addition (extension) to your existing house, this one also considers as Re-Modeling.

Re-Modeling not necessarily requires major structural changes (however it depends on the existing structure of your house and the design that you want.

Re-Modeling would be a better solution for poor home design and renovating will not assist you to solve your issues.

Re-Modeling usually more expensive than Renovation as in Re-Modeling many items may be entailed (e.g., structure, electrical re-wiring, plumbing, HVAC and etc.) which make the final cost to be pricy; however, this final cost depends on the scope of work, labour cost and quality of materials, since Renovation is often cheaper, easier on the budget and they have a better return on investment (ROI).

We can mention here that Renovation may require obtaining a building permit from the City (Municipality) but Re-Modeling almost always does (ensure these with your local Municipality about Codes and by-laws).

Simply we can say in general that Renovation means to update the existing structure along with cosmetic changes and touches, no matter the scope of Renovation, the original function never changes (e.g., living room remain as living room); But Re-Modeling involves changing the structure, make elegant alterations which they may along with some changes in layouts.