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What is Resin Capsule, what are the advantages and how is the installation procedures

Since supporting high and heavy loads is main part of routines in the construction projects, using resin (epoxy) is popular method for strengthen and sealing concrete and rock, therefore Resin Capsules are admired and well liked option as chemical bonded anchor consists of structural grout such as unsaturated polyester resin in small glass tubes which inserted into drilled hole; The Resin Capsule are available in pre-packaged glass and it is good to know that these glass capsules are safe since they are designed particularly for life in construction job sites.

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This would be a kind of economic feature to avoid wasting too much of epoxy when using gun to inject epoxy into drilled hole as the enclosed capsule will provide adequate of resin.

They are tested and approved solution for high-strength corrosion resistant anchoring and plus when a strong bond is required this system can use is several kinds of concrete applications such as: foundation and heavy industrial machine leg bolts, tower crane baseplate fixing, anchors in rock, structure repairs, roof support in tunnels and mines, safety barriers, railings and fencing posts and pipe/column fixtures.


These capsules develop their holding capacities by bonding of the adhesive to both anchor and concrete, as a result, the demand for more pliability in planning, design and strengthen concrete section has resulted in increased utilization of these product, in addition, and due to saving the average time construction, these materials provide feasible and economical technique for adding new concrete/steel section to existing ones. Below we mention more features and advantages of this solution:

  • Easy and quick to use;
  • Bolts and rebars will be protected from corrosion and chemical attack;
  • Unimpressed by vibration;
  • Manufacture controlled high-quality product;
  • Higher modules and etc.

These pre-made components simplify the installation process and that makes the Resin Capsule peculiarly satisfactory and acceptable for individual and overhead applications.

Here are installation steps:

  • Drill the specified hole with correct size of drill bit and adequate depth with defined Resin Capsule described and designed for the job;
  • Highly recommended to clean the drilled hole in order to be dust-free with blow-out pump or self-flushing drills;
  • Drop the Capsule into the drilled hole and then slide the anchor/threaded rod inside the hole;
  • Place steel section on top of drilled hole and start tightening the anchor/threaded rod with specified drill progressively (avoid high speed); To ensure complete mixing of resin and fully contact between baseplate and anchor/threaded rod, you can detach drill and use wrench by applying the force (like full effort of one person) that called Snug-Tight condition.
  • NOTE: Please consider these important items while using this method:

    • Minimum application temperature,
    • Setting/Curing time;
    • And product package storage according to the manufacture technical data sheets.

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