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Hollow-Core Slabs

These popular concrete slabs also known as concrete plank which are precast slabs that come in a variety of thicknesses and prestressed concrete (a form of concrete that is compressed during the production process to strengthen it against tensile forces; This compression is produced by tensioning of high-strength tendons/cables located within the concrete to improve the concrete performance in service conditions; these elements provide long-spans and typically used in floors and roof of multi-story residential/commercial buildings.


This method is having some advantages like Quick building assembly, a Lighter in self-weight, more economical enhances fire protection, Eliminating the need for temporary shoring and suspended slab forming and is linked with low-seismic zones.

These concrete precast slabs have continued tubular holes that usually have a diameter of ¾ thickness of slab which makes it much lighter than solid concrete slabs that also make the cheaper transportation costs and also these voids can be used to run the conduits and HVAC ducts.

In order to soundproof them, just need to use the floor covering or rubber strips below the floor slabs.

The standard details of this method may contain these items: End-Bearing Detail, Side-Bearing Detail and Anti-Rotation Bar.


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